Free Rangin'

This week marked the start of our chickens beginning to free range. We had a small massacre take place a little bit ago and the only survivor was the rooster, Lennox. After getting a couple of hens, I kept them in their run until they started bonding and becoming a flock because I was afraid that they wouldn't free range together and that they would run off. Also, I was training them to come to the sound of Cruz or I calling "chicken" which has been successful as they associate it with expecting scratch (dessert for chickens). And lastly, there are quite a few free range flocks on the neighboring farms who range far and wide and I wanted to make sure my ladies (and guy) were united enough that they wouldnt get bullied if/when they ran into other chickens on the road (only in the country do you have such worries!)

At first, everyone was a little unsure. The chicks didnt want to come out of their run and Cruz was not at all happy that his chickens werent where they were supposed to be. He was awfully confused and ran around yelling at them and pointing his finger telling them to get back in their coop. 

 *my 50 pd bag of feed that got left out in the storm and is now fertilizer. fail. 

Finally everything calmed down enough for Cruz to show me his belly and request a picture of his favorite rainboots. Funny guy.

And the chickens greatly enjoyed their free ranging and were back in their coop promptly at sundown. They are now enjoying a happy, leisurely life as one of the many free ranging flocks in these here parts. 

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  1. oooooh. I like the fancy one with the "hair". Also those rain-boots are very slick, I don't blame him for wanting to show them off!