My poor little guy. We went to the Dr. on Saturday because Cruz wasn't getting any better. We had to see a different Dr then our normal one because it was the weekend. We've seen this guy before and I am REALLY not fond of him. Cruz is normally a trooper when it comes to the Dr.'s. He never cries or gets mad when his Dr is checking him out. But there is something about this guy. Cruz freaks whenever he gets near him. And the way he talks to me makes me feel like I'm a little foreigner child getting in trouble. He speaks like I don't understand English and he laughs if I ask a question that he thinks is dumb. He is just one of those Dr.'s that just genuinely doesn't seem to like kids. Which is a huge change from our little hippie Dr who hugs and kisses and dotes on all of her babies.


Cruz has Bronchitis.

Actually, he said "Bronchitis like symptoms". As well as symptoms of Sinusitis (even though babies dont have sinus's)

So he gave us antibiotics to treat both.

Then yesterday morning Cruz woke up with a black eye. Well, it looked like a black eye, but I'm not sure what it is. Its actually more pink. Its like a dark pink bruise under one eye. But it kind of fades, then comes back, then moves to different parts of the eye. Its really weird. And I'm not sure what to make of it. I tried to just ride it out yesterday and not call the Dr, but if its not better today then I think I might have to take him in again.

It is so hard to watch your baby be sick. And of course it has been a HUGE battle with Papa. We just see things SO differently. And its such a big struggle.

At least he is finally sleeping again!


  1. That picture of him is absolutely adorable. I hope he's feeling better now. Poor little guy.

  2. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon!