A Little of This & a Little of That

I worked on a few little crafts today.

First: A pair of fingerless mittens.

Please excuse the fingernails that are so badly in need of a manicure.

As the picture quality is lacking (still havent gotten my camera back) you cant see them very well. They have a little bow there in the top middle.

It was really quick. I did it while Cruz was playing.

I'm loving, LUHVING grey and black for this season. Probably because I just went and saw Harry Potter 7 in theatres (by myself, doesn't anyone else do that. People look at me weird when I say I went by myself...) and Hermione is dressed super cute, all grey and black, all the time.

I also started working on a christmas present for Cruz. I wanted to make him a play mat based on scenes out of the book "Guess How Much I Love You." So I started brainstorming the best ways to do this and I decided that I would just hand embroider the pictures onto pieces of white muslin and then I would sew the muslin together.


Its waayyy tougher than I thought it would be. At this rate, Cruz won't get it until his 3rd birthday. 

Here's the picture from the book...

I traced it onto white paper...

I cut out the paper and stitched right on top of it....

And this is what I came up with. I am pretty positive that you would have no idea what it was if I didn't tell you. And it took FOREVER to do this one piece.

I like to consider myself crafty, but this is just not my niche.

I'm going to try again tomorrow, we'll see how that goes. I'm not optimistic.


  1. I love the gloves. And I agree about the gray and black. I loved Hermoines wardrobe. Also, it takes guts to go to a movie by yourself. :D

  2. The gloves is awesome, and oh my goodness, I'll give you 10 points for the effort alone on the book! That idea is really neat!