Christmas Tree Excursion

Every year, we get a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

And we do it the good ol' fashion way. None of this pre-cut, cement lots on the side of the road nonsense. If you dont chop it down with your own two hands (or 5 or 6 hands, we usually have to take turns because its WAY harder then it looks to cut down a tree. So much for my lumberjacking career) then it doesnt count.

We also tried to do our family picture at the Christmas tree farm this year. It was really hard to get a good shot of 7 people at the same time.

Really hard.

Plus, there wasnt really ever anyone around that we could harass into taking our picture, so one person always had to be left out of the shot while they played photographer.

All and all it was good fun.

Here it is in photos.

Cruz and my sisters boyfriend, Brett. He has been around since Cruz was born and they adore each other. Obviously.
In typical Cruz fashion, he passed out as soon as we got there. 

He is getting too big for this sling & his sweet little feet always poke out the side.

Cruz = fail

Finally, a good one!

On a far less festive note, Cruz is sick AGAIN! He has a sinus infection AND pink eye. Poor little guy! The pink eye is definitely the worst part of it.  I hate seeing him like this! Fortunately, he is still in good spirits. Hang in there my little trooper.

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