Fashion Friday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I have some amazing pictures from my amazing new camera, but I have to get a new memory card reader to load them on my computer. So you must wait with baited breath until tomorrow! It will be worth it.

In the meantime, here are a few of the things I'm loving right now. I have had most of these images saved for a while, so I dont have the sources for all of them. If you know the source (or are the source) let me know so I can give credit where its due!

First, my most favorite winter items. BOOTS

Love the detailed cut out on these!!

I have these boots from Steve Madden (the fist pair) that I got on clearance. Cowboy boots are my absolute fave, fave, fave. I have the most amazing thrifted pair that I wear on the reg. I also had an amazing pair of vintage cowboy boots, but my stupid feet grew like 1/2 a size when I was pregnant and I was already squeezing my tootsie into them before that. I think maybe I should have an online yard sale of all the stuff I can't wear anymore. Lord knows I have a closet full.

I also have both pairs of these from UGG, but in solid brown (I'm not a hot pink kind of gal). They are the most comfy, slip-into-when-you-dont-feel-like-getting-dressed boots!

are also my most favorite winter thing (hence the indecisiveness).

Sooo cute, I am definitely going to have to find a pattern for this!

Love the pop of color. But that yellow would look ghastly with my skin tone. Yet another reason that I wish I was more tan (or tan at all).


Not exactly how I would choose to style it. But Cruz would probably loose his mind with excitement as he is all about the chi-chi's.
Again with the yellow! I think I must be channeling my alter ego, the beautifully brown Latina woman that I am in my daydreams.  But I have it in blue and its super cute.

Just cuz Mr. Rogers knows whats up with the sweaters.


I hate jeans from the core of my being. I would (and do) wear dresses all year long. This one would be cute with some leggings and a cardigan.

Cruz would dig this one too. The ultimate nursing dress. Still, super cute and great for winter because of the length and sleeves.

This one is styled great for winter too. I prefer leggings to tights though. 

Fingers crossed I can get my Thanksgiving pictures up tomorrow while Cruz is with his Papa. Hope everyones holiday was filled with love, laughter and calories!


  1. Nice to hear you had a wonderful thanksgiving. :)

  2. Eat your weight in pretzels. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. That is funny

  3. hi, who is the designer of the black long sleeve dress? and where can it be purchased?Thx