Crafts and Croup

I usually do Wordless Wednesday today, but I left my camera at a Halloween party so I dont have any new shots.

But, what I do have pictures of is the scarf I made my mom for her birthday today. It is called the Infinite scarf and it was suuuuuper easy to make. I got the tutorial here. I'm so inspired by this mama. She has some great designs.

 I doubt my mom will ever wear it like this. But when I steal it borrow it from her closet, I'll totally rock it like this. Plus Cruz thinks its hilarious when you wear anything on your head. You should see the way he cracks up when I get out of the shower with a towel in my hair!

These are the pictures from her blog (since I couldnt take pictures of mine). I used a super cute floral by Amy Butler. It was lovely. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

On an unrelated and far less exciting note, Cruz has croup. Really badly. He can't even sleep because he wakes himself up with coughing fits. Last night he was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night just coughing and coughing. I got up and took him into the bathroom and ran the shower, hoping the steam would clear his sinuses. It helped alot until I had to take him back to our room. He was waking himself up again within the hour. It's the same thing tonight and I dont know how to help him. I have the vaporizer going in our room with the Vicks solution in it. I put Baby Vicks on his chest and back and feet (I dunno, someone said it helped to put it on the feet). I slept with him propped on a pillow and then finally on my chest while I sat propped against the wall. Nothing seems to relieve him for more than an hour or so. We are both up all night and miserable. But then in the morning and during the day he is fine....

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm dying!


  1. my kids have both gotten the croup several times. Its so sad. :(Anyway, the cold air does wonders. Bundle him up and take him for a walk at night. That is what they told me in the er once and it works everytime.

  2. The scarf is gorgeous, it will look so cute on your Mom and she will love it. I heard that whooping cough was very prevalent in CA. so you might want to ck it out with the Dr. if you haven't already. Poor little guy, it's so hard when they are sick. Sending you get well wishes..xoxoxoxo

  3. I can't wait to see the scarf you made! My daughter hasn't had croup before but when she's sick and really stuffed up, I take her outside for some fresh air. It doesn't perform miracles and only seems to help half the time. But I know when you have a baby that doesn't feel well, you'll do anything to help them feel better (so us moms can get some much needed sleep).

    I also put Vicks on her feet, like you do for your son, and then put socks on her. My mom did that with me but I also read something explaining why it works. I couldn't find the site but did find this: "In Japan they say that the feet are the "second heart" (heart, as in the organ that pumps our blood), meaning that the bottom of the feet have a big influence on our bodies and health".

    On the website I couldn't find it I remember it mentioned something about reflexology and that access to your sinuses are in your feet which is why people put vicks on feet. Probably not helpful but there you go. ;)