Wine in my Sippy Cup

I haven't blogged in over a week. It feels like its been 2 years!

I never realized how much I enjoy my blog or how much I think in terms of blog. All day, whenever something happens, I instantly start to write a blog post in my head. Like about everything. EVERY THING.

Needless to say, my brain is about to implode.

The day before Xmas eve, I decided I was going to install the newest Iphone software on my phone. I backed EVERYTHING up because I ALWAYS do. I charge my phone via USB on my computer (because I lost/Cruz chewed through my phone charger). So it automatically backups every time I sync. Feeling secure with this information, I installed the new software. Then when I went to restore everything to my phone after the update...it was gone. All of it. Gone. Forever.
I Freaked!


Now people keep texting me and I dont know who they are, but I dont want to hurt any ones feelings so I just play along until one of their texts reveal who they are. Its an enticing game. And it really shows how well I know (or dont know) some people.

All the pictures are gone. Since the day Cruz was born. Because my backup to iPhoto failed. I was devastate. I still am. I was able to locate the folders from the syncs deep inside the realms of my computer but since they are encrypted I can't read them. But I duplicated them like 1,000 times, swearing up and down that once Christmas was over I was going to backup my whole, entire computer because I couldn't bear to loose another thing.

So fast forward to Christmas eve, I go to log onto my computer to post my "Merry X-mas eve" post. I turn my computer on. It starts making a clicking noise. A not-good-I-dont-know-or-understand-this-noise kind of noise. And then the screen goes grey and a blinking question marks pops up on the screen...

How fitting. Because on the grey screen of my overwrought brain their was already a blinking question mark.

I tried again. Same thing. And again. And again. And again.

I googled it on my sisters computer.  The results? "Sucks for you, your hard drive died. F your life."
What? Does that even happen? How does a hard drive die? Does it go to hard drive heaven where it rests peacefully, waiting for me to retrieve the years of information off of it?

Not according to the Internet. Basically all feedback said that I was SOL.


You cannot be serious.

I didnt even get mad.

I just laughed. Because obviously the universe was playing tricks on me. Or Cruz's Papa became a computer expert over the last 2 months and some how figured out how to wipe out my entire life via my hard drive after I refused to sell him my computer last month.

In an attempt to unwind last night, I decided to have a little glass of wine. During the move (Oh ya, did I mention that I moved the day after Christmas aka the most hectic, unproductive day of the entire year!) all the cups somehow went MIA. Like every single one. So I have currently be borrowing Cruz's sippy cup (not that he uses it anyways). I borrowed myself some wine and plunked down on the couch.

Not five minutes later my mom asked "Whats wrong with your face. Its really red and blotchy."

Upon inspection, it sure was. I was having an allergic reaction to the wine.

How did I manage to make it through high school/college in a fuzzy, drunken haze, but I couldn't sit down on my couch and enjoy a much needed glass of wine out of my Winnie the Poo sippy cup?


So this is the reason I have not posted, responded to emails, contacted the winner of the giveaway, etc.
I apologize to all my sponsors. I plan to respond to/contact everyone within the next 24 hours. My new house doesn't have Internet yet, so bare with me!

Missed you guys!

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