Murphy's Law

If you didnt know, my last name is Murphy. And its only fitting that Murphy's law haunts me.

No sooner then I get my computer fixed and the internet set up at my new house, my power cord dies and I am back to staring at a blank copmuter screen, willing it to work (except right now, obviously, b/c I borrowed my dads computer.)

We have a love hate relationship, my computer and I. I love it, it hates me. And really, when you put that much money into something, it shouldnt hate you.

Guess it just goes to show that you can't buy love.

And in keeping with my theory on my haunting by the law of Murphy, I got in a car accident today.

Not a bad one. I just rear-ended someone.

But I've never been in an accident before and it was sooo scary.

And I'm scared to even post this because I know my grandma is going to yell at me. And probably my mom, except I dont think she reads my blog that often so I might be safe there.

And of course I hit THAT lady.

You know the one that gets out of her car like I just t-boned her doing 102mph in my army tank while driving across a Nascar raceway.

Really, we were stopped at a traffic light. There was no damage to her ratty old car. Or mine.

She called the cops before she was even out of her car. She was already complaining about her neck.

Come. On.

So of course when the cop gets there he gets all pissy with her because there was no need for him to come out. No one was hurt. No damage was done (not real damage anyways). Nobody was drunk. We were wasting his time. He tells her as much so she gets all snipitty in return. Really I wish he would have just been nice to her because she is just going to take out that anger on my insurance policy. Fantastic.

I could have given a shit about any of it, I was just worried about Cruz. He cried as soon as I hit her and I couldnt tell if it was because he was hurt or just scared. I parked right where I was and ripped him out of his carseat in fear that I hurt him. He had stopped crying before I even got him out of the seat, so I think he was just scared. But of course then I start to notice every little thing. "Is he being too quiet?" "Why isn't he crying?" "Is he in shock?" "My neck hurts a little, does his?" "Should we go to the Dr.s? Hopsital? "Am I overreacting? "I think he's ok."

And to make matters worse, I was driving to meet up with Papa to drop Cruz off, so I cant even be with him to watch for signs of pain or discomfort or fear for the rest of the day. I am so worried about him. I dont know if I should take him to the Dr. Can they even tell anything just by looking at him and examining him or do they have to do x-rays? Or something else? I don't know and it scares me.

I feel like all I write lately are so-sad-poor-me-life-is-lame posts. I promise to try and be a little more upbeat from here on out.

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