I Needed a Change.

You know when your just stuck in rut. Around everything.

Well I have been like that, more or less, since Cruz was born.

Like I've said before, I get dressed (out of my PJ's) like once, MAYBE twice a week.

Makeup? Ha. I wear that even less then I shower, which is not as often as I would like (or care to share).

So, yesterday I decided I just wanted a change. I needed to get out of this year long style rut.

And at 9:00pm I decided to dye my hair. In my bathroom. By myself.

It was...messy to say the least.

But I kind of love it.

I hate, hate, hate taking pictures of myself. With Cruz in them, its fine, but when I'm all alone I just feel a little vain. But for demonstration purposes, I did. Using photobooth on my computer. In starbucks. Just a little awkward. I tried to make sure nobody knew what I was doing...

So forgive the very awful, awkward facial expressions.

 I know that you really appreciate looking up my nose....

 Here is a picture from when it was blonde... and Cruz was very, very little. Its funny, in my mind, he is still this little. Sad face. 
 And just cuz he was so cute (still is)

Also, thanks to everyone for the wonderful advice and encouragement on my little dilemma. You ladies have given me some fantastic ideas as well as reassurance in my self and my son. 
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