Those Days

So, I had one of "those" days. You know the kind where nothing is really wrong, but its just kind of....bluugghh.

First, I accidently fell asleep wearing a thong last night. And everyone knows how uncomfortable that is. But by the time I wake up with a wedgy up to my ears, I'm way to lazy to get up and change, so I just roll around uncomfortable all night.

Second, we are out of toilet paper.

Third, its raining cats and dogs, so I dont want to have to get Cruz dressed and loaded in the car just to get toilet paper.

Fourth, for some reason Sister Wives wasn't on last week and Project Runway isn't OnDemand yet, so there was nothing to watch on T.V.

But then we got to go to Cruz's second Halloween party. He was an owl. Super cute. In true "blugghh day" fashion, I left my camera at the party so I can't post any pictures.

And tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a Halloween party with my mom/aunts/uncles/cousins at a bar downtown. Its about a 1 1/2 minutes drive from my house. But Cruz goes with his Papa tomorrow and I hate, hate, hate to think about going out and leaving him with my sister after he has already been away from me all day. Granted, they aren't going out until 9:30 so Cruz will already be asleep. But sometimes I just like to watch him sleep. And rub his head. And give him little kisses so that he knows I'm right there.

Am I being a total lame-o party pooper? Should I just go out? For an hour? I dunno.


  1. You are totally not a lameo. I have these days too. And I can completely understand not wanting to leave the baby. I have a hard time wanting to leave my kiddos after I have been with them all day. =D

  2. hahaha thanks for your comment! I am following you, now. Return the favor? :D

    love, polly

  3. We must have the same thoughts lately. I have been super bluggghhh lately. boo :( I hate leaving Maia, it's weird because I used to BEG for alone time and now I just want cuddles and jammies and family ahhhh. you're far from lameooo