Costume Dillema

I have been contemplating Cruz's Halloween costume since long before he was born.

Like, waayy before.

And as it starts looming closer, I'm starting to panic.

Obviously, I plan to make the costume.
1. Because I love to do that kind of thing
2. Because I'm broke ;)

But necessity is the mother of invention right?

And Cruz NEEDS the most awesome "first Halloween" costume.

Here are my options.

First up:
Max of The Wild Things.
Cruz's nursery is "Where The Wild Things Are" theme. We just love it. And I could whip this up in no time. Plus, Papa wants us to dress up together, so he and I could be the monsters...He wouldn't even have to dress up. KIDDING!

Second Option:

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this...but I'm a total Harry Potter nerd (I know!!) And we are having a Potter themed dinner party at our house (OMG). So I was thinking I would be Harry (OMG!!) and Cruz could be his owl Hedwig. Way to lame?? But C would make an adorable owl. And again, easy to make.

Option 3:

I have loved this one since I was pregnant! I know its TOTALLY goofy, but this is the only year we would be able to do it. Considering I doubt that Cruz will want me to carry him in a pot next year. Or that I will be strong enough to lug a 20 month old around in a pot! Downside: I'd either have to buy it or spend a TON of time making it....

Feedback anyone? I need some serious input.


  1. I saw the lobster outit and considered it for my daughter's first costume last year. Then the thought of lugging her around made me nix the idea. I LOVE the other ideas too. I have a special affection for Where The Wild Things Are and wouldn't be able to resist it.

    But that owl costume is so cute and I could see Cruz wearing that. You dressing up as Harry Potter would be awesome. I think I'd do that one. Your ex could go as Ron Weasley's pet rat. ;-)

  2. AHHH! Its been a long time since I laughed out loud like that! Thats the perfect costume for the ex! Thats probably the best costume idea I have heard all year!