New Seasons = New Obessions

With winter starting to settle in around us (we had rain yesterday, which, in my opinion is sufficient evidence that its time to dig out winter gear) I have been seeking out some new favorite items.

For those of you who don't know, I went to Design school in Los Angeles and San Francisco, majoring in fashion design. Fashion was my first love. After I had Cruz, my passion for it kind of fell by the wayside. But I'm determined to come back from the "fashion dead" aka mom jeans and nursing bra's.

So here are a few of things that I'm loving for this season...

The Fishtail braid.

Its really simple once you get the hang of it. And you can wear it all messy and its still totally cute. I happen to be wearing it in my hair as we speak!

Cowl Neck Scarves.

I'm into the bulk. And the warmth. And the fact that they hide the nursing bra that is ALWAYS popping out of the top of my shirt.

Baby Uggs.

I just got a pair of these for Cruz. Obviously not real(ly expensive) ones. I bought the $15.00 Target ones that they only sell in the little girls section. I don't know why Target thinks that only baby girls need Uggs. But if I must crossdress my son in the name of fashion then so be it.

Oversized Sweaters.

I don't generally wear mine sans pants...or while orgasming in the window of my furniture-less house, but I could dig it, I guess.

And finally, my boy Mondo from Project Runway.

I'm not even super in to his design aesthetic, but his eye for detail and his range in variation always has me pining over his designs. Plus, I love to see what he is going to wear every episode!!

Starbucks is kicking me out once again. Sleep tight, I'll be dreaming about scarves, baby shoes and gay men!


  1. I dunno, a pantsless, window-orgasm in an oversized sweater sounds like fun!

  2. There's my girl! :) :) :)