I'm having a semi frustrating week.

Baby daddy drama. Obviously.

My stupid, awful computer is hating me. It malfunctions in ways that not even Google can answer (Yes, I resorted to Google, even after I hated on them). The likely culprit is Cruz. I let him slobber and pound the keys far more often then I should.

Cruz has decided he HATES baby food. Out of the blue. He was a total fan. Now he only wants ice cream. Yes. Ice cream. Are you serious? I've had to cut out absolutely all treats in an effort to get him to eat solids. Unfortunately Papa isnt exactly on board. He gives him cinnamon and maple treats. UGH. SO bad for him. And then he smells like pancakes all day.

Cruz has decided to stage a protest against the car. Its worse then its ever been. He is waging war. And totally winning.

It could be way worse, so I thank my lucky stars.

Plus, I've had an outpouring of compassion and support. This woman has been so sweet and giving. Check her out.

I've also gotten back in contact with a few really great old friends.

And a great group of new friends. The PMC (Petaluma Mothers Club) has been really awesome. The ladies are so understanding and compassionate. I can't say enough nice things.

All things considered, a crazy Papa and a spiteful computer are far outweighed by my beautiful, amazing son and the incredible women I have met along this journey.

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