Thank you, Thank you

I dont usually post on the weekends, but this shout-out couldn't wait.

An awesome friend of ours lent a helping hand in the way of baby booty bling.

AKA diapers.

Cruz was so excited he climbed right up there (yes, Cruz climbs now. Lord help me)

Excuse the bed head, he just woke up.

Excuse my hair...I have no excuse.

I've posted about this mama before, but she deserves another one (actually like 100 others). She went out of her way just to be helpful to me. I've never met her and she had no reason to show me this kindness. But she did. And I am so very thankful. The world needs more people like her. Thank you for your compassion. This part of my life journey has been a very humbling experience, but its easier knowing that good women are out there.

(I'm still not so sure about good men).

100,000,000 thanks to you!


  1. I wasn't expecting this at all so thank you!! I'm so glad Cruz can use these diapers. My hubby also wanted me to thank you because now we have more space in the little girl's closet. :-)