Etsy Love

I ordered these two little vintage kitchen sets for Cruz's kitchen from here. I am so excited and I can't wait for them to get here. Hopefully in time for his birthday party because I think I am going to give him the rest of his presents on his actual birthday (I am so awful, I can almost never wait to give him his presents. He got a good 1/4 of his Christmas presents early because I am just addicted to that little smile of his). The rest of his gifts are all art supplies and crafts because he really plays with those things so much more then actual toys.

 only $6.00 for this whole lot!
and $4.00 for this one! Love etsy!

I also really wanted one of these for his kitchen, but I just couldnt afford it with the rest of his gifts. Maybe next year!


  1. I want the rooster toaster and plate!!!

    I totally know what you mean, I have to make myself wait to buy my son's Christmas presents til the very last minute or I'll just give them all to him!

  2. I love it! What a perfect present for a two year old :)

  3. sooo adorable! i love searching etsy for vintage toys... i just can't wait to buy them for my future babes!

  4. LOVE etsy. I could spend so much there if I let myself. BTW, just found your blog & am LOVIN' all your posts! Can't wait to keep reading..