Busy Busy Busy. 

It was Cruz's birthday and then mine (our birthdays are five days apart). I am pretty sure Cruz thinks that its all just one big birthday for him because usually we do a little something fun on his actual birthday and sing and do presents. Then we have a little family party that weekend. And then at some point in the week I get a cake and a happy birthday song for my birthday, but Cruz obviously thinks its for him. So I think he might grow up under the impressions that birthday celebrations are a week long instead of just a day. Oh well, I always love a good excuse to celebrate my boy a little extra. 

I am off to make valentines and red velvet cupcakes for my own sweet valentine. 

*the valentine I made for Cruz. 
My first attempt at drawing with Illustrator. I've since decided its just not my strong suit. 


  1. i love the valentine! i think it's super cute.
    happy birthday to you both! : )

  2. Happy belated birthday to both of you! And happy valentine's day :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you both!! My birthday is three days after my son's and even at 4 he still think all the cake is for him!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you both! Love the valentine you made for him, so sweet!