Do you have them? Do you want them?

I dont, but want them in the worst way.

(okay, I actually do have one. I got it once when I was drunk down on Haight and Ashbury. Good memories. Mediocre tattoo. Anyways its so small that I never really count it)

I always think they are beautiful, but struggle with deciding on something I want. While I love that people get them just for the art, I've always been one to want meaning behind it (save the Haight experience. Silly, drunk, hippie girls).


  1. I have two. One that has oh so much meaning behind it, or at least did long ago. When people ask me what it means, I tell them, "It means, don't get a tattoo when you're 17." Ahem. The other is a heart with a v in the center on the inside of my left wrist. I got it at 20 and still love it now, but if I ever decide I no longer wish to be vegan, it will go the way of the first one. Fortunately I don't see myself changing my diet anytime soon.

    I do love them, and will perhaps get another one day, but I'm finished for now. I love the feather in the first photo. Beautiful! Also, I don't know how old your new header is, because I don't click through from my reader often enough, but I loooove it! So neat.

    xoxo, The Queen of Unnecessarily long comments ;)

  2. I have one on the back of my shoulder that I got when I lived in England. http://lillys-lillypad.blogspot.com/2011/05/t-is-for.html
    I am thinking about maybe getting one while I'm in Australia too, but I'm just not sure what or where, and like you I want it to have a meaning.

  3. I have 3 (actually 4 but two of them we combined into one tattoo) - most of mine have some sort of meaning to me but nothing really deep. My next tattoo I want doesn't really have any meaning but it's just a piece of art I fell in love with!

  4. I have two. Both have meaning and both are meant for me, not for other people. I have a dragonfly in a slightly tribal design that I created. Dragonflies represent strength, peace, and harmony and serve as a reminder to pay attention to your deepest thoughts. The other is a forget-me-not flower and is for my first dog who died in my arms at the age of 8. People who have deep relationships with animals understand, those who don't never will. My tattoos serve as constant reminders to me.

    I like tattoos for their beauty but also believe they should have meaning for the person wearing them. It took me 7 years to decide on mine from the time I first realized I wanted one. I disagree with the 'I just wanted a tattoo so I picked one off the wall' mentality.