Last week was a long one. 

My little guy has been having some semi-serious (serious to me, but not that serious considering what it could be) health issues.

He's always been a little guy, but since about 12 months old, his growth has decreased to almost a stand still in terms of weight. He grows taller, but at 19 months he still hadnt hit 20 pounds yet. 

When we switched from a private Dr to Kaiser they immediately flagged his weight. I started going in every other week for a weight check, communicating with a nutritionalist, keeping a food log (and coercing Papa into keeping one as well) and last week we had to take him into have his blood work and urine samples taken. 

As anxious as I was, Cruz couldnt have been a bigger champ. They sat me down in a chair with Cruz on my lap, his legs tucked between mine and my arms bear hugging all of him but the arm from which they would be extracting the blood. Papa was holding his head, a nurse was holding his little extended arm and a second nurse was checking his arms for veins. They checked and rechecked and triple checked his little arms to make sure they got a good vein. And then they proceeded to take 5 vials of his blood. 

The best part...not a peep out of my little guy. Not when 3 people were pinning him to my body or when they were poking and prodding and tourniquet-ing him. Not when they stuck the needle in. Nothing. He just looked on as his little heart palpations sent more and more blood through little tubes. 

What a brave little guy. 

They are not quite sure what's causing the lack in growth, but are covering all their bases. 

We are still waiting on the results. I am sure he is just fine (but a Mama's mind does wander to some scary places at times). 

Hope to be back for regular posts this week. 


  1. Every kid has their own unique growth curves and I don't know Cruz's full health history, but T's the same age and she's 19.5 lbs :-) I'm not worried at all 'cause she's VERY active and she's always been on the slimmer side like Cruz. Are you taking Cruz trick-or-treating downtown tomorrow? Haven't seen you guys in ages!

  2. Same as Emily! Rei is 2 now and she barely weighs 21 lbs! Be a mama bear but don't let them scare you or bully you into "treating" a problem that isn't really a problem if the tests come back fine. We miss you guys!!! xoxoxo

  3. What a trooper! I've heard from others that the blood drawing process for toddlers can be very, very difficult, so I think this means that Cruz is exceptional (we knew this already though, right?).