I mentioned in my last post that we (Cruz and I, he is a super big helper) recently bought some baby chicks. we started off small with just two little ones. They were so very sweet and were slotted to lay blue/green eggs (chickens dont start laying eggs until they are between 4-6 months old). Sadly, they escaped on their first afternoon in the coop, but after many weeks in the brooder and plenty of time for us to get attached. I like to think that they now free range around the thousands of acres surrounding my home. Not likely (impossible) do to the robust amount of wildlife around here (foxes, mountain lions, etc) but its nicer to think of it like that. 

So I bought 4 more. 
4, this time, because the season is ending for local places to be keeping baby chicks for sale and to order from large hatcheries you have to place an order of 25 or more (they will die without each others body heat).  So 4 it was and is. We have two brown egg layers and 2 white egg layers. 

I am lucky enough to have a Dad who is an awesome (amazing, incredible) woodworker and he build me a very charming and rustic coop. Exactly what I wanted. We (he) used old wood from around our property which kept the prices to pretty much nothing (save latches, knobs, nails, etc). 

We are just loving our little ladies. So fun to watch them grow. 

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  1. awww i used to have pet chickens, they were cute but smelled soooo bad haha..

    p.s you should change your blog name to