Its been almost an entire year since I posted here. For some reason that feels a little sad to me. I used to really love and value this space and it disappoints me that I cant give the time and attention to blogging that I once could.

So it goes.

So much has changed. Cruz is about to turn three years old.

Not very much to say. Just missing this space tonight.


  1. So nice to hear your sweet voice. It's a bittersweet thing....your growing son! This life takes many interesting twists and turns. Hang on and enjoy the ride! Be true to and gentle with yourself. Write when you can -- and when you can't - just LIVE it.
    love deeply, laugh long, and live fully

  2. Nice to see a little update pop up in my reader. I see the odd instagram photo of you guys and wonder how you two are doing.

  3. Love seeing you post again and being able to watch you all grow day to day.
    I know how busy you are and what a wonderful job your doing so totally understand your lack of time.
    Love you sweet girl,
    Your Nan